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Cheap Mini Auto Insurance

The Mini is one of the most popular cars in Great Britain and has been for decades. The Mini craze has spread to the United States, too, whose people appreciate its performance, unique appearance and great gas mileage. No matter which model Mini you have, choosing insurance for it is as essential as changing the oil.

Before you begin shopping for auto insurance, take stock of your car and the kind of coverage you need. Is it a convertible model with a soft top? That will make it more prone to thieves and may increase your premium. Is it an older Mini or one that you own outright? You may want to forego collision and comprehensive coverage in that case and save substantially on your premiums. Likewise, the new hatchback version may increase your costs. If you have a vintage mini cooper, vintage car insurance might be a better option as it’s sometimes way cheaper!

Now you’re ready to begin looking for insurance. Getting quotes online is quick, easy and you don’t have to deal with agents right away. If you buy your insurance online, you can save even more money! When getting a quote online, it’s important to realize that it may differ from the final quote since insurers take many factors into account when offering you a contract. The online car insurance quote may be accurate or it may not, but it will give you a ballpark figure you can work with.

You may want to contact an agent directly. Using an independent agent will save you a lot of time and phone calls. Independent agents contract with several insurance companies and can find the best coverage for your Mini for the lowest possible price.


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